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Lawn Mow, Trim & Blow

Service Schedule — 42 X Year

  • April through September: Weekly visits
  • October, November & March: 3 visits per month
  • December, January & February: 2 visits per month


  • Picking up litter on areas before we mow them
  • Mowing primary lawn areas
  • Trimming fringes left by mowers around buildings, trees and other raised objects
  • Edging walks, curbs and flower beds
  • Sweeping or otherwise cleaning up debris caused by our work


Garden Weeding

We all know weeds are the tenacious enemy of a beautiful garden, let us help keep them under control!


  • Pulling large weeds
  • Spraying smaller weeds

Black Diamond Mulch

Keep your beds beautiful and healthy with black diamond mulch.

Seasonal Flats with Humus Soil

Add seasonal color to your yard and make it pop!

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