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Picture This Landscape

March 10, 2018
While walking the dogs the other day I noticed my neighborhood has been taken over by fairies!

Fairy Rings that is.

A fungal lawn infection known to grow in circles. The circles start small and grow outward till they grow out of the lawn. This fungus is hard to get rid of due to the nature of the compacted soil around the spores. The best way to manage this is to remove all thatch, regular mowing, and mask it with high nitrogen fertilizer.

Start a regimen to improve the health of the soil by applying compost to your lawns. A healthy lawn avoids many problems so one doesn’t have to fight these battles often.


Fairy Rings | Texas Plant Disease Handbook

Host Grass: Hybrid Bermuda(Cynodon dactylon), Common Bermuda, Bentgrass(Agrostis palustris) ), Centipede Grass, St. Augustine Grass(Stenatophrum secundatum), Zoysiagrass(Zoysia japonica)

Picture This Landscape

March 9, 2018
great chart to keep around!

What should we plant in our gardens this month? Check out our chart!

Picture This Landscape

March 9, 2018

It’s everywhere;) Spring has sprung❣️ so exciting.

Everyday, growth is evident. Enjoy the sights – and take your allergy meds😂

Pollen counts are very high in Houston, raise your hand if your car was covered in pollen today!
Here’s a video of pollen floating on Buffalo Bayou near downtown.
🎥: Chris Alan

Picture This Landscape

March 6, 2018

Everything is coming alive! Including our allergies!!!

The natural cycle of our beautiful yards is in full “SPRING”. That means its time for planting – YAY!!!!

Many of us lost some of our favorite specimen in the freeze this year, yet many things you thought were gone are coming back. Now is the time to move those bushes and plants you have wanted to relocate or change out.

Our staff is ready to help with design, planning, and implementing all of those ideas that have been swimming around in your head.


Picture This Landscape

January 26, 2018
I have recently seen a stunning photo circulating through Facebook that worries me. The picture is of a Wisteria vine in full bloom, growing across an arbor on the porch of a beautiful home – it is breathtaking! Everyone’s commenting “I want this”

Wisteria – oh how beautiful it is!!!! And powerful!

Be careful! Do not be fooled by its beauty – this gorgeous vine has a place in the world, but never next to a structure (like in the photo circulating) that you would like to keep in tact, such as your home’s foundation, pool, concrete patios, etc. These vines are famous for growing around and into structures-and they are hard to get rid of once established.

There are many beautiful vines to choose from – stay tuned for some of our picks as the weather warms a bit.


Learn how to plant, grow, and care for wisteria, a lovely—but aggressive—vine with cascades of beautiful bluish-purple flowers.

Picture This Landscape

January 24, 2018
Now is the time to plan:)

Don’t prune or cut back shrubs and trees (hard wood stems) just yet- this promotes growth and we don’t want to do this till danger of frost is over. The others, however, those that look as though the melted:(, can and should be cut back.

Patients will pay off! Look forward to fertilizing in late February and come Spring, your gardens will be revived and stronger than ever – remember this is Nature’s way:)

After the freeze comes the cleanup in the garden

Now is the time to clean up the mushy, stinky stuff in your garden, advises the Harris County Texas AgriLife Extension Service. But don’t prune anything with bark until danger of frost has passed.

Picture This Landscape

January 16, 2018
After last week’s freeze, many of us are left with miserable looking yards:(

If you haven’t already, hold off on trimming everything back, and DON’T get rid of anything yet;) Most plants will bounce back after a frost. The damaged foliage acts as protection from further damage- Frost bitten foliage is nature’s blanket.

The best time to trim and clean up is when the danger of frost is behind us. If you can’t stand it and must trim, be very diligent in protecting those plants during any other freezes.

Picture this Landscape is available to help get your yard back into shape with proper trimming, fertilizing, and mulching. Give us a call.

Picture This Landscape

January 16, 2018
It is almost time to cleanup and get ready for Spring…Call us to get your yard back in shape. February and March fill up quick!

fresh mulch + fresh trim + seasonal color = happiness

And don’t forget those decks, patios, and fences!

Picture This Landscape

January 16, 2018
Be ready for Houston’s beautiful Spring blooms!

February and March fill up quick, give us a call. Its the perfect time to plant!

Picture This Landscape

January 16, 2018
Have you ever thought about growing your own food?

There’s a lot out there that are super simple to grow-and now is the time to plant cool weather crops. Some specimens make a beautiful addition to your garden as well:)


Easy Vegetables to Grow

Learn how to grow vegetables. Most of the vegetables listed are easy to grow and maintain. They can also grow in most parts of Texas.