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Picture This Landscape

February 9, 2017
This time of year it’s easy to forget about our yards and gardens. The trees are bare, the lawn is barely growing (except for those pesky bright green weeds!), and the only colors we see are the festive lights hanging from the rafters.

During this time of dormancy is the best time to plan that deck or patio you have been dreaming about. Be ready for that warmer weather when it returns😍. We can help your daydreams become a reality.

Weather reminder: have a plan to protect your tender tropical plants, and winterize your sprinkler systems. Message us if you have specific questions about how.

Picture This Landscape

February 9, 2017

Picture This Landscape

February 9, 2017
While decorating for the holidays, look to the beauty offered by your own yard.

Many of us are rushing to finish up the last minute decorating before family and friends arrive. We are lucky here in the Houston area to have a wide variety of evergreen trees and shrubs to use in our decor.

Keep a can of white, gold, and silver spray paint on hand to really make your decorations pop (true confessions – I will spray paint almost anything)! Cuttings from boxwood and magnolia are amazing dusted with metallic spray paint and placed in a vase, basket, or just placed on the mantle mixed with garland – no water needed (be careful not to use around lit candles). Add some Holly cuttings from the yard and some painted pine cones and sticks – wow! Sky is the limit:) Have fun!

Happy holidays from us here at Picture This Landscape.

Enjoy this article from MNN.com – many of the plants mentioned are in your landscapes:)

How to use native plants in your holiday decorations

Decorating with fresh greenery and seasonal fruits, nuts and berries for the holidays is easy.

Picture This Landscape

February 9, 2017
Brrrrrr, its cold outside!

One of the joys during this time of year is hanging out with friends and family around the fire pit.

We can help create the perfect gathering area for toasting with friends or roasting marshmallows with the kids. Whether you would like a natural wood burning pit, a gas pit, or a fireplace added to your patio, we specialize in creating special places that meet the needs of your family.

Give us a call:)