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Picture This Landscape

June 23, 2017
Thinking about artificial turf? A great way to enjoy a beautiful low sun exposure section of your yard.

Picture This Landscape

June 16, 2017
When is the best time to water my lawn? And, how often?

The temperatures in the Houston area are steadily rising – Summer is in full swing!

The best time to water our lawns is in the early morning hours, between 5am-9am. This is best because the risk of evaporation (mid day and afternoon watering risk) and of fungal infection (night time watering risk) is lowest. Watering early in the morning gives the water a chance to reach the roots and perform its magic:)

As for how often – this is a tricky question. The amount of watering depends on the health of your soil. Clay and sandy soils need watering a little more often because they dry out faster. A basic rule of thumb for established lawns – when temps are at or above 85-90 degrees, water every 2-3 days about 1.5 inches. NOTE: don’t forget about your trees and shrubs whose roots run deeper – do a deep watering (with a hose) directly to the roots of large trees once a month or so during the summer.

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June 8, 2017
Luckily our talents blossom in the garden rather than in technology…yet, we are quick to acknowledge the opportunities that technology open up to us all.

That being said, I have started researching some of the plant & pest identifying apps out there. Have you seen or heard of these?

Most of them free, these apps are designed to identify plants or pests from a photo that you take – such cool concept! Just imagine being at a friend’s house – a plant gets your attention and no one knows what it is, just that it is beautiful. At that point you could take a picture of it and instantly find out what it is – cool! Right?!

We would love to hear from all of you! If you have tried these apps out leave your reviews in the comment section for us all to learn from.

A few Apps we are aware of (this is not an exclusive list and we are not endorsing any App.) – Garden answers Plant Identification, Garden Flower Identification, Flower Checker (.99), Garden Compass, Leafsnap, Plant ID (4.99)

So far I am noticing that flowers are easier to identify than foliage…

What are your thoughts?

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May 21, 2017
Bring the outside in…

Featuring – Split leaf philodendron

This plant is so easy to grow, most of use have one. But, did you know that it can last for weeks as a cutting!?!

It’s so nice to have that splash of green! Easy and beautiful❣️

Picture This Landscape

May 15, 2017
It’s Career Day at Bay Colony Elementary! A great time for kids to start to developing their dreams of what they would love to do when they grow up!

Picture This Landscape

May 13, 2017
“Feed me Seymour!”

Did you know that your Angel Trumpet is a pig;)? Fertilize this beauty every 3-4 weeks with general use fertilizer (they love tomato fertilizer:) for optimum blooms.

The passion vine is a show stopper! This vine dies back in the winter- so it is an easy-to-control vine for the yard. With only a spring and summer fertilizing schedule, it is simple to care for.

We can incorporate these and more into a show-stopping landscape – give us a call us.

Picture This Landscape

May 8, 2017
A great day to clean ponds and grout flagstone walkways! Happy Monday!

Picture This Landscape

May 4, 2017
There is a turf war happening in my yard! Good bugs vs bad bugs.

My citrus have been attacked! Many of you have noticed the onset of leaf miners on the leaves of your trees and shrubs. These pests, although not terribly harmful to the plant itself, can cause damage over time if not treated – and, are just plain ugly.

Two of the most effective methods to rid ourselves of the unsightly intruders are to use a natural predator such as the wasps called Diglyphus isaea, which can be purchased from reputable nurseries and on line (the wasps make a meal out of the larvae), and to use neem oil (follow directions on the label).

Picture This Landscape

April 18, 2017

Picture This Landscape – League City, TX, US 77573

4 reviews of Picture This Landscape. “Providing Quality Landscaping Services & Award-Winning Landscape Design Since 1986! We are pioneers for offering complete landscape packages and…

Picture This Landscape

March 30, 2017

My back yard is singing, how about yours?

It is that time of year, the birds are busy creating their summer homes. There is excitement in the air:)!

If you don’t here the singing it may be time to add a bird friendly landscape. We are able to create a landscape that attracts the wildlife that you desire to be surrounded by. Whether it is butterflies, hummingbirds (both of which are currently migrating north from Mexico:) or blue birds and other local superstars you are fond of, we can design something that would perfectly compliment your home and meet your families needs.

Give us a call. We can help with design and installation of your own personal habitat.

You can’t go wrong with native plants: They help fight climate change, save water, and provide food and shelter for birds.

Join and help us grow 1 million bird-friendly native plants: https://www.audubon.org/plantsforbirds