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Picture This Landscape

Many of us are still recovering from the massive flooding our communities suffered with Harvey – our yards can be a great place to spend to lift our spirits.

Behind those garbage piles yet to be picked up are gardens begging for love:) The beautiful thing is – right now is the perfect time!

Rinsing all plants, shrubs, and trees, and adding some good organic compost, can help the plants and soil recover from all of the pollutants in the flood waters – the soil has its own clean up happening at the root level.

Our lawns are taking a beating from the garbage piles and garbage removal – don’t worry!!!! That grass is tough:)…under the surface the roots and rhizomes are working. Treat your lawn to a nice fall fertilizer when the weather cools a bit, continue healthy irrigation habits, let it work under the surface, keep it trimmed up, and watch it come back stronger than ever in the Spring:)

Nice tips from a garden enthusiast:

After the Flood – How to help your yard recover – The Garden Academy

Floods and long-standing water can devastate a garden. A remediation plan is the path to restoring health to your garden.