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Picture This Landscape

Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

Crepe Myrtles are by far one of the biggest sources of pride we have here in the south. The showy, continuous blooms are beautiful throughout the Spring and summer.

Crepe Murder is a label I first heard years ago after Southern Living wrote an articles about the habit of cutting crepe myrtles to achieve a certain height or whatever the reason. It is a practice that has always mystified me:(

Crepe Murder is happening all over the city! This is an unnecessary practice and is damaging to the trees. Check out the proper way to prune a crepe myrtle.
https://youtu.be/l_jp7r5TQW0Avoid Crape Murder! Let Kerry Heafner show you how to prune properly. Crape Myrtles are hardy durable trees, they stand up to heat and humidity well, and the…