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Picture This Landscape

While walking the dogs the other day I noticed my neighborhood has been taken over by fairies!

Fairy Rings that is.

A fungal lawn infection known to grow in circles. The circles start small and grow outward till they grow out of the lawn. This fungus is hard to get rid of due to the nature of the compacted soil around the spores. The best way to manage this is to remove all thatch, regular mowing, and mask it with high nitrogen fertilizer.

Start a regimen to improve the health of the soil by applying compost to your lawns. A healthy lawn avoids many problems so one doesn’t have to fight these battles often.


Fairy Rings | Texas Plant Disease Handbook

Host Grass: Hybrid Bermuda(Cynodon dactylon), Common Bermuda, Bentgrass(Agrostis palustris) ), Centipede Grass, St. Augustine Grass(Stenatophrum secundatum), Zoysiagrass(Zoysia japonica)