Hardscaping Materials

How To Choose The Right Hardscaping Materials For Your Yard

With careful planning and consideration when selecting which hardscaping materials best suits your needs, you’ll have beautiful hardscape features in no time!

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Pressure Washing the Patio

Hardscaping Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Yard Beautiful

Maintaining your hardscaping is essential for keeping a beautiful yard. With the right tools and knowledge, it’s easy to keep your surfaces looking great.

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DIY Hardscaping

DIY Hardscaping Projects For Your Home

With the right planning and knowledge base, anyone can create beautiful outdoor living spaces that they can enjoy year-round—all while adding value to their home.

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Will Landscaping Increase My Home’s Value?

By improving the appearance and functionality of a home’s yard, and by making environmentally-conscious choices, homeowners can potentially add both tangible and intangible value to their property.

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Backyard Makeover

Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Whether you’re looking for ways to add privacy, visual interest, or just want to make your backyard feel more like an oasis, these seven landscaping ideas are sure to do the trick.

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Brad from Project Build Stuff

5 DIY Landscaping Tips on a Budget

This week at Project Build Stuff Brad is sharing five tips to completely change your home’s landscaping on a budget. Check out how Brad turned his lackluster landscaping and drab curb appeal into something beautiful.

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Shrubs and Hedges

How to Choose the Best Shrubs and Hedges for Your Yard

Creating a beautiful, well-maintained yard requires planning. Incorporating shrubs and hedges is a great way to add structure, style and privacy to your outdoor space.

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Landscaping Flowers

Types of Flowers to choose for Your Landscaping Project

Whether you have a large space or a small one, there are many types of flowers that you can use to turn it into an outdoor oasis. When choosing plants, there are several things to keep in mind.

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Beautiful Walkways

Options for Beautiful and Functional Walkways

While it’s true that function is the most important part of a walkway, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

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Stone Walls

6 Types of Stone Walls – Your Guide to Building the Perfect One

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, stone walls also provide practical benefits as well as visual ones. They help retain soil, prevent erosion and improve the overall aesthetics of any outdoor space.

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